Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Still Rainy After All These Days

Got up this morning and it was still raining so that took care of the morning ride. Still, I had hopes of clearing skies and drier conditions for an evening ride. Instead there was fog and misting. I could have gone but I made the choice to stay home. Wimped out again. Spring has been a wipe-out so far for bike riding.

So my day was spent getting library books, cleaning out my inbox, playing with Facebook (the addictive way to procrastinate but feel like maybe you are doing something), twittering, making plane reservations and discovering that Ryan Air charges you for checked baggage even if you don't check baggage, and seeing the dietician, who was happier than I expected with my food diary.

Since I was home this evening rather than out on my bike, we watched "Saving Grace," an enjoyable film about a widow who grows marijuana to try to pay off her late husband's debts and keep her house. Being an English film it has some typically English twists and gorgeous Cornish scenery. It made me want to go back to England. Actually, it made me want to live in England. Of course, like reading Agatha Christie, it isn't really what it would be like for me to live in England. Just the perpetual dream.

I also, guiltily, realized that I haven't given a thought to finishing the Calais series on my other blog so that I can move on to other historical topics of interest, at least to me. So I should spend a little time working on Arthur Lisle and get that done.

Tomorrow may actually be a nice day but rain is forecast for Thursday and Friday. Saturday looks like it may actually be a day for riding, at least I hope so. I really need to start getting some miles in. GITAP draws ever nearer and I haven't ridden nearly enough for a full week trip.

The plumber has ordered a new hot water heater for us and we are supposed to get an upgrade in the speed of our internet service, assuming it is available in this area. Tomorrow I see the sleep specialist again and I hope he has some ideas on how I can actually get a reasonable night's sleep. In fact tomorrow is a pretty busy day with a study group and two receptions and Thursday is even busier. As they say in the song, "time hurries on." You can tell that I grew up in the age of Simon and Garfunkle.

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