Monday, April 27, 2009

This VCR is just taking up space

How do you define useless? We have lots of things that just sit around taking up space, doing nothing important. I could have written about any of them.

our broken ~ vcr part 1 ~ taped shut

Our VCR stopped working almost a year ago. The little green light that shines at me reproachfully reminds me that it is still there, unable to play any tapes. So why is it still here? Well, we did try to get rid of it once, but when we unhook it from the rest of the system--tv, dvd, satellite receiver/dvr--nothing works. So while it is useless for its primary purpose, it has made itself indispensable by making the rest of our entertainment system work. Someday we need to work out how to redo the cables and get rid of this useless piece of junk!

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