Monday, May 25, 2009

'Chariots of Fire' Is One of the Most Inspiring Films of All Time

One of the most inspiring movies I've ever seen and I've seen it over and over and over.

Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration. When this movie came out, I saw it over and over, with friends and without. Watching the running, the struggles, the bonding, the sheer Englishness of it captivated me. Even though it was not totally accurate historically (I am an historian and I couldn't help looking things up), it was accurate enough. Ben Cross and Ian Charleton were wonderful. Ian Holm is one of my favorite actors. The cinematography was wonderful. The Gonville and Caius race was beautifully done. I used the scene about amateurism and professionalism in one of my classes to explain about Renaissance theories of education. And the almost casual expressions of English antisemitism in early 20th century England were so "spot on." I could go on and on with examples. This is just an amazing film. And the soundtrack is still one of my favorites, particularly the overture and the singing of "Jerusalem."

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