Monday, May 25, 2009

For the Holidays, Trade in "It's a Wonderful Life" for "Love Actually"

When holiday time rolls around and you wonder why you bother, this is the movie to make you feel as if love and relationships, however painful, are worthwhile. So find a friend, curl up in front of a fire, and enjoy.

While there are lots of story lines, making it complicated, watching the varying types of love, the coming together, the breaking apart, the discoveries, the links between the various characters, and the hope that it inspires just makes you feel good. Besides, who doesn't want to see Hugh Grant make a fool of himself dancing and singing. Although watching now, after the death of Natasha Richardson, will make Liam Neeson's performance poignant in a whole new way, it remains my go-to holiday movie. And Bill Nighy as Billy Mack--priceless!


  1. Love Actually is DD2's favorite movie! I like it, too, but I must say -- I HATE It's A Wonderful Life!

  2. I'm not a fan of It's a Wonderful Life and Peter really hates it.