Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thought I'd Write a Real Post, Boring but Not a Plinky

I'm in the OLLI lounge while Peter meets with his study group on what to listen for in music. He is definitely a much more engaging teacher than I am. But I guess I can live with that. I spoke with the associate head of Educational Policy Studies today and there may be the possibility, some time in the future, of teaching the European educational history courses online. They would have to be interested and I would have to want to put in the work of development and teaching. I'm sure nothing will happen for a while, if ever, so I will just go on with things as they are.

In the meantime I have plenty to keep me occupied. I missed the Ride of Silence last night since I wasn't feeling all that well. And I still don't feel great. Last night was generally blah and this morning I was sneezing. Boring, boring details about health are not what I want to focus on. I want my health to just be something that I don't have to think about although that is hard to do when you are hooked up to a machine every night with a mask on your face.

Italian is going slowly and mostly I am frustrated. Yesterday actually went pretty well but I still don't feel as if I can put enough words together to actually make a sentence so I don't see how I could have a conversation. I might be able to read more now, but not necessarily anything pertinent if I wanted to say, read history.

I seem to spend a lot of time unsubscribing from lots of e-mail, which is another boring occupation. Considering how busy I am, most of my life seems rather boring at the moment. I certainly hope that traveling is more interesting than life seems to be right now. I just don't seem to be able to work up a lot of enthusiasm these days. I would love some enthusiasm. After all, I have ridden 212 miles this month, lost about 10 pounds, started reading again (thus allaying my fears of permanent depression) and even watched a few stages of the Giro. Even my to-do list is shorter. What more could I ask for? Why the doom and gloom? If I knew that, perhaps I could be enthusiastic.

So tonight I should go to the Champaign County Bikes meeting instead of sitting home. But I am still on the fence about that. Tomorrow I will go to the gym and spend some time Nordic walking with Cheri as well as running errands and trying to do lesson 4 in this unit of Italian. Saturday there will be a bike ride. I did a lot of riding this week--the usual Saturday ride in wind, cold and some mud, Sunday out in Monticello where it was cold but sunny and fun, Monday on the usual Monday ride that was fast but still too cold, and Tuesday on the Pedal for Pleasure ride that was slower but finally warmer weather. This Saturday we may have rain but I hope not. Our anniversary is on Monday, so I will try to recapture a bit of joie de vivre by then. I hope Peter has found somewhere nice for us to go for dinner!


  1. Exactly one week off from our anniversary!
    Parliamo italiano domani? Non parlo bene, ma con entusiasmo!

  2. Parlo un po' e con malo entusiasmo a questo momento.