Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Too Much Going On At Once

I've gotten myself involved in too many things again. It's my own fault of course. These are mostly things I want to do. And a few that I have to do. And few that just happened. I never know exactly how those come about and I hope to see them slowly fade away, if I'm lucky.

Today I finally did my first Italian lesson. I made some stupid mistakes. The microphone didn't pick up some sounds. And I don't know how I will actually remember anything. I certainly don't need to know the verb for swimming. Using the verb forms in the present tense this way isn't necessarily going to make me learn them. So I don't know that this method will really help me learn to speak much. But ok, I will give it my best shot. I am not a very good language learner and the immersion method may or may not take with me. I don't know if using it and reviewing with Espresso would make it better or worse, or if I am willing to find the time. After all, I should have found time already.

I am suddenly in too many online social networks. I can just about keep up with some of them and I am not even trying with others. I will try to more or less extricate myself from the sleep problem group. No more twittering about my CPAP machine. The new one seems to be ok so far. My main problem right now is trying to cope with the side-effects of lowering the dose of clonazepam. It may take months to get off of it completely.

I am doing a lot of OLLI stuff, which I enjoy. That also takes up a lot of time. I really need to figure out how to manage my time better. Procrastination is so much easier now that I am retired. I keep putting off things that I need to get done, playing around on the computer.

That leads to Facebook, which eats up too much time. I am going to have to limit myself to a set amount of time every day. Otherwise it just takes over your life. it becomes a substitute and I can't have that in the long run. I don't want a online life instead of a real one.

Cycling is finally picking up, now that we are having a few decent days. I rode on Saturday and thought I would die! I rode yesterday and had a great time, although my arms really felt it. They actually felt like they were bells, ringing. I should be able to ride tonight with the Pedal for Pleasure group. No ride tomorrow--just as well since we are supposed to have rain. A ride Thursday night if it clears up. Friday's forecast keeps changing but Sue did propose a moonlight ride. I need to get in miles before GITAP.

Funny thing. When we got home from our Rhine cruise, we had our refrigerator replaced as part of a testing program that Whirlpool does for their appliances. Now the refrigerator they replaced (the first Maytag) has been recalled for possible electrical fires. So we might have gotten a new one either way. Interesting.

The cats have been very affectionate the last few days. The city is hacking away at our trees. I have a proposal to write. Busy, busy, so I need to stop writing this post and get back to other work. And maybe think about buying a better microphone for the Rosetta Stone program. Peter has had problems too, so maybe we do need to think about that. Not that I really have time to get to Best Buy. It would just be another thing on my list.


  1. Hey, Sharon -- I hear you, doing too much! Thanks for your help.

  2. I love doing the study group. That's one of the fun things going on.