Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Shoes Can Say A Lot, Or Maybe Not, You Decide

There are the shoes I like and the shoes I wear. There are the many pairs of shoes I own, the shoes I choose over and over, and the shoes I covet. So shoes can say a lot. I am wearing a pair of comfortable Keen Mary Janes in black that go with the rest of my carefully chosen casual outfit. They are flats, as are all of my shoes. I am practical at the age of 57. I don't want my feet to hurt.

I have fun flats, gym shoes, kind of dressy flats, hiking boots, shoes to keep my feet warm in midwestern winters. I have lots of shoes in shades of green and lots of black maryjanes in leather and in nubuck. I have some sandals but I don't have slides since I slide right out.

I have eight pairs of cycling shoes. I love to cycle. But I choose the Sidis most often because of their comfort and Italian style. If they would only come in green, I would never wear another pair. In fact, I would buy multiple pairs, even though they are very expensive, just because they would wear out eventually and I would want them forever.

The shoes I lust after and would never wear are the ones that Natalie Dessay wore in the opening act of La Sonnambula. They were bright green, strappy, high heeled, gorgeous. I blogged about them. I dream of Natalie Dessay's totally, for me, impractical shoes. What does that say about this middle-aged, practical woman in the black, flat Keens? You decide.


  1. http://www.totalcycling.com/index.php/product/SH_S8_66_GW.html?action=currency&id=USD

    The Green Sidis you lust after...

  2. Now if they only made them in MTBs. I have Speedplay Frogs! But thanks for the suggestion. Maybe now that they have the road shoes they will come out with an MTB model too.