Sunday, May 03, 2009

Tuna salad was my college summer school 'broke meal'

You can do anything for eight weeks, even live on tuna salad.

Lebanese Tuna Tahini Salad

One summer as an undergrad I decided to go to summer school. My parents were not expecting this and told me that it wasn't in their budget. I could manage without a job (I was taking three classes which was a lot in 8 weeks) if I lived in a dorm but didn't get a meal plan. So I mostly lived on the cheapest canned tuna with packets of relish and mayonnaise that I picked up at the cafeteria in the Union. This was not an ideal diet and I never told my parents that I was doing this but I was determined not to let them think I couldn't manage on my own. Stupid, maybe, but it didn't kill me. Do I still eat tuna salad? Sometimes. But I can afford the relish and mayo now, and even have it on bread. The picture looks nicer than anything I fixed in my dorm room!

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