Saturday, June 06, 2009

This Summer, I'll Be Drinking Spritz and Eating Cicchetti

Another summer in Italy, what could be better?


Ah, July, and we are sitting in a bar on the Canale Grande in Venezia. I am slowly sipping spritz, a mixture of prosecco and campari and nibbling on cicchetti and potato chips (yes, this is very Venetian). What could be better, enjoying the view, relaxing with the drink of the Veneto, eating Venetian snacks, and practicing what we learned in our intensive Italian class with our Venetian friends before heading out for a leisurely dinner and more good conversation. The vaporetti go by along with the gondolas, water taxis, speed boats and other water traffic. But things are quiet. Water traffic is peaceful compared to cars and we love watching the boats go by. Nothing says summer to me like spritz, even when I have to make it at home and pretend I am back in Venice.


  1. Too funny -- my word verification for the last post was "sicili", so much like Sicilia!

  2. Too bad Peter doesn't drink, but he will eat ciccheti, so I definitely want to do this at least once. Last time I did it with my neighbor, Kim. We went out to Giudecca and sat out drinking spritz until the bar closed. Then we took the vaporetto back to Venice. It was a really nice evening near the end of our stay.