Monday, June 08, 2009

At Least I Wasn't Named Sydney!

I have never liked my name. For some reason Sharon has never appealed to me. I was named for my grandfather's father, so changing it wasn't an option. While my parents always intended to call me Shari or Sher, they never did. Not that those versions would have been more appealing. And my mother's preference, Barbara, was never a possibility. Not that I wanted that one either. On the other hand, I could have been named Sydney like my two second cousins who were also named for my grandfather's father.

For years I thought I would like to be called Alexandra. The Russian part of me wanted a romantic Russian name. But I outgrew that. Then I gave up the name game for a while, knowing I wanted a different name, but not having any idea what it might be. Perhaps my middle name, Deborah, but definitely not Debbie.

Now I think that the perfect name would be Nicola. It still has a vaguely Russian air but it is also quite English. And yet it is indefinably hard to place. And even Nicki as a shortened version wouldn't bother me. If I could change my name, I think I have finally found the one that I would choose. Nicola, that's the name, my name, the name my parents should have known I should have.

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