Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Counting Down to the Trip

We went from cold to unseasonably warm in a flash. What a surprise ... not. It's central Illinois and we expect our weather to be like this. It was in the 70s and windy, really windy, gusts up to 30 mph and more, so I was kind of glad that it wasn't a biking day today. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer than today. A taste of summer before more seasonable weather returns.

Today I didn't do too much to get ready for the trip. The major thing was picking up prescriptions. Unfortunately Peter and I take a variety of medications and, since we will be gone for so long, we need "vacation prescriptions," which means more than a month's worth. So we have to call them in at the pharmacy and they have to get approval from our insurance. Unfortunately when Peter called everything in yesterday, the woman on the phone didn't take all the information down correctly. One of the pharmacists called and Peter had to gather all the pill bottles and go through everything again. Then we had to wait until today to pick them up because the approvals couldn't all be put through yesterday. There is a lot of red tape involved in all this. On the other hand, we are very grateful to have pretty good health insurance.

The other thing I did today was finish cutting and editing my paper for the conference. Then I read it to Peter and he timed me. The first time through, the paper had been just over 27 minutes and this time it was 22 minutes, which is close enough to work. So that is another thing done. I also picked up another card for the camera. I hope to take lots of pictures with my new camera. I really should practice a bit before we go since this camera is a little more complicated than my last one.

The rest of the day was spent doing more normal things. I went to the gym and cycled. I took a friend to catch the van to Chicago since she was leaving on a trip today. I took Peter to the Farm Bureau so he could go to a program on strategic planning for nonprofits. Then I went to the dentist for my regular checkup and also had a chipped tooth and a cracked tooth repaired. We also went to a lunchtime lecture at OLLI. Anne Heiles gave a fascinating talk on the golden age of string music in Hollywood. The players and composers were really interesting.

Tonight we watched a documentary on the staging of Wagner's "Ring" from the point of view of the stagehands. I'm not a Wagner fan, but it was interesting. Now I plan to read a little more of Stones into Schools and maybe get a little knitting done. Tomorrow I would like to work more on getting ready for the trip.

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