Friday, April 02, 2010

Yikes, it's Friday already!

Another warm, sunny, windy day. And the days just keep speeding past, giving me less and less time to get ready for the trip. So today was the day to figure out the day bag and shoes. I decided to wear slip-on walking shoes in brown, which are practical for taking on and off in mosques, and also packing a pair of mary janes that I can wear with my one skirt but are also good walking shoes. They actually have an outer sole that can be taken off to make the shoe look dressier. I just hope that they don't take up too much room in my bag. Right now they are resting in the frame area of the case, which is where I put shoes, slippers, etc. when I travel.

The day bag is a Timbuk2 cargo tote that is the perfect shape, wider than it is long, and fits my camera bag, has a waterproof liner, and an inner water bottle holder. It has only one drawback and that is the bright yellow color. The picture I found isn't the right color but it gives you an idea of the bag. I was too lazy to take my own picture.

My suitcase now contains shoes, 3 pairs of socks, and a skirt. So I have a few more things to pack before I am done. But I am starting to get there ... slowly. My color scheme will be in the brown and khaki range, at least that is my thinking at the moment, so the yellow won't be that awful.

This is also a music weekend for us, so we are busy. Last night was the Symphonic Band I and Wind Symphony concert at Krannert and tonight and tomorrow we are going to the DoCha Chamber Music Festival in Downtown Champaign. I also need to print out a lot of material for the trip and put everything together to take with us. So there is still quite a bit of stuff to do before we leave.

Today is also the second day of the "new" programming on WILL-FM. Getting used to having more news is a little difficult. I am so used to having news just at the hour means that I tend to look at the clock, thinking that I have mistaken the time. I also find that the time drags in the morning with three hours of news. Two hours would have been more than enough. But I suppose I will get used to it in time. After all, most people probably don't leave the radio on all day, as we do. And having classical music on Friday and Saturday nights will be great. So it is a trade off.

The LPs have gone off to Vintage Vinyl for the sale and many old magazines are now gone. Clutter is slowly disappearing. Progress is being made.

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