Saturday, April 03, 2010

Saturday, It Rained Again, Blah Blah

The cats, being cats, expected me to get up at 4:30 this morning. Why would that be? Well, since I do that on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings so I can go to the gym for cycling classes, they just assume that I should do that every morning. I managed to hold out until 5, but then I gave in and got up. Of course, like every Saturday since I got my bike tuned up, we had rain. My last chance at a Saturday ride before the trip, and we had rain yet again. But whoever said life was fair. Not me.

I didn't really do anything about trip stuff today. I did take a look at the RSA website, but there isn't anything there that I need before we leave. I guess we really pick everything up when we get in. I will print stuff off tomorrow or Monday. And I still need to pack pills and figure out the rest of my clothes, the electronic books besides Wolf Hall, and all the rest of it. I have piles of books that have been sitting around and they will have to go down to the basement because there isn't shelf space anywhere else in the house.

I got a neck collar to wear on the plane and that arrived today. It feels weird to wear something like that, but I imagine that it will help since I get a lot of neck pain. I can't tell if I am like the imaginary invalid or if I am just a mass of ridiculous symptoms. In any case, I am not going to let a few health issues stop me.

This afternoon we went to the final DoCha concert. It was a little awkward at Jim Gould's since I had to sit with my back to the performers. But it was still fun. We just ordered an appetizer to share and that was more than enough. I'm still not hungry and I don't know that I will bother with dinner at all. Mostly I am just sleepy. So tomorrow, I hope the cats will let me sleep a bit longer. The alternative is to get up and feed them .... and then go back to bed, if I can.

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