Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Getting Back to Writing

It's been close to a year since I wrote a blog entry. I'm not sure why I stopped writing completely but even before that last post my writing had become quite sporadic. Why am I starting again? I feel the need to write and this is a good place to get back into the habit.

My life has degenerated into playing games on Facebook, some desultory reading, a bit of knitting. Yes, we still travel, although there won't be as much this year as there was last year. I am teaching and leading study groups at OLLI (our local Osher Lifelong Learning Institute). We go to plays and concerts. I usher at Krannert. I have even joined a church (Unitarian Universalist, which fits best with my lack of belief, disinterest in dogma, and my take on social issues). So life has not been all idleness. I go to the gym a few times a week and I should be able to start riding my bike again soon.

On the downside, I have put on a lot of weight, I am becoming less and less flexible, and I have piles of STUFF that I can hardly bring myself to deal with. I avoid reading the newspaper and I have been binging on book buying and other sorts of shopping, which means that THE STUFF continues to accumulate. So I need to put some order and discipline into my life.

Why has my life degenerated into a mixture of apathy, exhaustion, and the inability to concentrate on any task for more than a little while. I could say that health problems have made a difference. Perhaps it is part of the retirement process. I hope it isn't a signal of depression. In any case, I would like to turn over a new leaf.

My goal is to write a blog entry everyday, but it may take some time before I work up to that. Life intervenes, apathy beckons, but perhaps over time I can return to the more disciplined life I used to lead.

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  1. Glad to see you back at blogging! I stopped out for almost a year, too. I hope it helps get you out of whatever it is that is getting you down. I think the weather and being able to bicycle more will be a good thing, too. I'm always kind of down in the winter. Good luck!