Friday, August 11, 2006

Finally Friday

It was spitting a bit when I went out last night, but cleared up nicely. We had a pleasant 20 mile ride through Bondville and then back by way of Rising--partly new to me and partly something I did on the other two rides this week. So far I have logged 142 miles in the 3 weeks or so that I have been riding. I am starting to obsess about cycling stuff and I am reading cycling lists and just started a bicycling journal online ( I know I tend toward obsessive behavior, but this is ridiculous.

I still don't know if I am going to Indianapolis tomorrow. I assume not since Peggy has to help her daughter get ready to go back to college, but she hasn't let me know yet. I am having lunch with Peter and Dale so I should know a lot more about how the Istanbul class will work. If there isn't an e-mail from Peggy when I get back, I'll try calling her and see what's up. If we aren't going, I have a bunch of other things to do instead (like get a new seat for my bike since this one isn't very comfortable--you never know until you ride for a while).

I have also spent a fair amount of time reading about the London plot, the airline delays, the changes in the rules, etc. The politics that are going to come out of all this will be appalling. If voting your conscience is already being called un-American, I am not sure what else will be said by the time November rolls around. Fortunately we are voting primarily for governor, which is usually a more local kettle of fish than congress. Even voting for the House is less volatile, at least here.

The consequences of all this on travel will be another whole story. I will probably never be able to carry on my luggage again and I have to hope it doesn't get lost. Entrusting my cellphone and I-Pod to the airlines is not appealing. Even if I leave the I-Pod at home, I will still need the cellphone unless we arrange to get them in Turkey and Italy every time.

On Team Estrogen there was a thread about shopping. About the only stores I have been to are the bike shop and the grocery store. Tonight is the grocery store. This weekend is the bike shop, the running shop (I need new shoes), and maybe Needleworks although I don't plan to buy any yarn, especially with my very slow knitting production at the moment.
I have been to the bookstore, but just to buy cycling magazines.

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