Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend Riding Is Good

Went on the Saturday Saunter to St. Joe and a slightly longer way back, so we did 23 miles. The weather was wonderful and the donkeys at the donkey farm were cute, even if they were not babies. Evidently there was supposed to be an elk nearby, but we didn't see that. The restaurant in St. Joe is closed so we headed for the IGA where some people got something to eat and the rest of us drank water and ate bars and stuff. I am definitely seeing different parts of Champaign County by riding my bike.

Spent the rest of the weekend mostly reading, although Peter and I did go to Persimmon for gelato. They had chocolate chunk and candied ginger, which was a great combination. I also got a new saddle for the bike, which I need to try out on rides today and tomorrow (assuming the weather clears today), and new running shoes. Body 'n Sole had Brooks wide shoes in the style I am wearing, so now I am back to two pairs of running shoes. The running class starts this Thursday. I ran for 20 minutes on the treadmill yesterday out of my 50 minutes workout but today I took things more slowly and only walked at varying speeds up to 4.5 mph for 40 minutes. We did go to the Original Pancake House yesterday after my workout. So I am eating a lot of carbs at the moment. I did lose a little weight this week but I need to be careful with pancakes and gelato on the menu!

Today has been quiet with one long phone call from someone who needed history advice and a readmitted student who came in to find out what he needs to do to finish his degree. I think I will be seeing a lot of that since I have been getting a lot of letters for readmitted students.

Barbara and I are going to try to do the 11 am meetings together this week. I haven't had to do them in a long time and I don't really even know what I want to say to students in a group about registration, computer sites, classes, etc.

My appointment as an adjunct in Medieval Studies came, which was nice. Now I am an adjunct in two units, neither of them my home unit. I don't see the history department ever giving me anything like that. Still, only 3 months to go before retirement.

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