Monday, August 28, 2006

Lots of Riding

The weather has turned wet, humid, and uncomfortable. We had a downpour last night. It rained on Saturday but the group I rode with managed to miss the rain. Yesterday there was a "show and go." Only three of us showed up. The other two were faster riders but we managed. They would get ahead and then come back and ride with me. Both of them think that if I get a road bike next year I won't have any trouble keeping up. I was averaging 15 mph and my bike is really for commuting at 8-12 miles an hour. After 30 hours on Saturday and 23 miles on Sunday, I was pretty exhausted. I am not going tonight since I teach until 5 and it is supposed to rain again anyway. There is a ride in Indiana on Labor Day, so I may try to find a ride to that. It is a longer ride, so I have to decide whether I could actually do it.

On Saturday Peter and I went to Hedgerow Bistro. They have a little more sophisticated menu than most of the restaurants in town. We were celebrating meeting 32 years ago. It was very nice. Next weekend we are going out with someone I know from knitting who is in the music school. Peter wants to meet her.

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