Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Teaching starts today

We now have wireless in the house. It is really neat to turn on my new computer and have it immediately connected. I brought the MacBook back today so that the computer guys can finish putting on software, transferring files, etc. I really like the Mac, although they have changed a lot since I last used one.

Monday night I did a 23 mile ride and last night a 14 mile ride. I have now done 267 miles in the last few weeks. Unfortunately the evening rides won't work now that teaching is starting and pretty soon they will stop anyway because it gets dark so much earlier.

I can't believe we are having such great weather at the end of August. It is warm during the day and cool at night, more like fall.

Tonight I can actually stay home for a change. Tomorrow there is running again. I should have run this morning at the gym, but I really needed a rest day.

Today is the first day of class, so I will meet my 20 students. I will be curious to see how many of them actually make it through the whole 8 weeks. I don't think the history students will be a problem but some of the other students may have no idea of how much work there will be.

I got my mammogram report and everything was fine. It was nice not getting called back for extra pictures.

Tonight I will spend some quality time with Peter and the cats.

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