Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tired but happy

Last night I did the Tuesday level one ride. After the ride on Monday night, this one seemed easier, except that I managed to fall on Country Fair Drive. My feet were still in the cages and the bike and I just went sideways onto the grass. Fortunately there was no damage to me or the bike. On Thursday I am planning to do the Women's Ride, not because I could do level 3 but because Sue will be there to lead a level 1 group. Now I am starting to play around with the idea of a road bike if I am going to try to do the faster rides on a regular basis. I will see how things are at the end of March next year. If Champaign Cycle has more or less what I want on sale, I am hoping we can afford it, especially if Peter is not going to get a bike after all. Now I am just waiting for Peggy to let me know what the plan is for Saturday. Going to Indy for the Race to Replace should be fun.

All this cycling and working out at the gym is making me really tired. I was glad that I had the morning off from cardio today. I didn't get up until 6 am!

My old running shoes had to be discarded last night. The tred is starting to peel off the bottom. Now I will need to get a new pair of running shoes so that I have good shoes and a backup pair. I may try to do that on Sunday if Peter is comfortable with the amount of money in the account. I really don't want my running and cycling equipment to constantly come out of my allowance.

The Tour of Germany finished up today with Voigt in yellow and Gusev in white. Discovery may have only gotten the Prologue stage win, but the yellow jersey for a few days and the best young rider jersey isn't that shabby. I am ready for the ENECO Tour on Premium and I signed up for their Vuelta coverage. There is supposed to be something happening with the Tour of Britain too. Of course, once school starts it will be more difficult to follow the coverage--another good reason to retire.

Peter thinks I should get my computer in September and we should arrange with AT&T for wireless service then as well. That will be a big expense, but we should manage it and eventually we will get some rebates. Having fast internet service at home would be really good.

The weather is cooler but it is overcast and humid right now with rain expected later. More rain for tonight and tomorrow but it should clear tomorrow night (I hope in time for riding).

I am debating the Pilates class tonight. Last week caused me so much pain when I went to bed that I have to think seriously about whether it is a good idea. If I get a chance, I will discuss it with Shannon before class. I see Dr. Craddock tomorrow and I would like to say I am making progress, although I don't know that I am. Having another medical procedure, even just an MRI, is more than I want to take on at the moment. Next week yoga and running both start. With the cycling, teaching coming up, training staff, seeing students, etc., my life is going to get very busy very fast.

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