Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Riding, riding and avoid the rain

The threat of rain is over for a while. It is cool and sunny. When I took off for the ride last night I wasn't sure about the weather but it was fine, although a bit humid. I felt pretty good at the end considering how much trouble I had breathing when I went fast. This morning I didn't really have the legs for cycling but I fought through it although I slacked off on the sprints. I just didn't have it in my to go really fast. Tonight is a slower ride. I may talk to the bike shop people about changing out the tires when I am there for my tire pump tonight. I am also debating getting some GU. Everyone says that it tastes terrible but is good for quick energy if you bonk. Now I am just thinking about how to get Peter on a bike. I know he doesn't want to spend the money, so I thinking that maybe he can get one for his birthday. And then I can get a road bike at the same time because March is when the bike shop has their big sale every year. I should be on my feet by then and ready to do some riding before Italy (assuming we get the students so we can go).

I have one student coming in today and still have the same reading to do. I also have at least one transfer articulation, which shouldn't take long. I am enjoying the Mary Westmacott books. Christie makes them just as readable and she really is very free of sentiment in terms of a sentimental attitude. There are no happy-ever-after endings, just like her mysteries. They are actually more complicated than they appear on the surface.

Barbara and I are going to the Bread Company for lunch. They have very good sandwiches and salads. Getting out of the office will be a good thing.

Yesterday afternoon I ordered my new computer. It should arrive next week. I got a MacBook. It is a very powerful machine. I got the faster version with 2 Gb of RAM and a 100 GB hard drive. Now we just have to arrange with AT&T for the wireless service. The computer guys here will put in the extra RAM memory, load my software, and transfer my files. So I am feeling pretty happy about that. Even though we had the money saved for it, I was surprised that Peter was ready to spend it so soon. I had thought I would wait until October to do all this and he said September and then he said yesterday.

What I want for my birthday isa new toilet for the upstairs bathroom. We keep putting it off and so I told Peter that's what I want. Not a very romantic gift, but I've given up on romance anyway.

The running class starts Thursday night, so I am going to be very busy, even though I think that I will only be able to ride in the evening once more after this week. Next week I should be able to ride on Monday night and Tuesday night I am going to a vegetarian cooking class. Then I will start having class from 3-5 on MTW, so riding will be difficult if not impossible. Still, I will have the Thursday night runs and the Saturday cycling. I am also hoping that Peggy and I can do some show-and-go rides on Sunday (people just show up at a particular time and the group leaves at that time; there is no leader). The only problem would be to keep her at level one or two if she brings her road bike. I don't want to end up lost on some country road.

Peter and I signed up for the Ambulance Chase race at Crystal Lake Park. It is a 5K run/walk and we would do the walk and not worry too much about competition. He didn't realize that you have to pay for these walks but the money goes to a good cause. If he likes it, then we will do some other ones together.

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