Friday, February 29, 2008


Today was Leonore's last day. We found out that she had lymphoma and there was no practical treatment for a 13-year-old cat. Since I had to go into Sociology, Peter took her to the vet's office. It will take some time to get used to this. I'm sure that Isolde will have a lot of adjusting to do. So, not a happy start to the weekend. But we have a lot of stuff to do, so that may make it easier to get used to the idea.

After work I have to finish my mindfulness stuff over at Psychological Services. Peter will pick me up at 4 and we will go to the grocery store. Then we have tickets to see Henry IV, Part I at Krannert. It is an all-female cast, so it should be interesting to see how they put the play together. Evidently it is going to have a heavy emphasis on politics, but then the history plays were political.

Tomorrow I may see Julie. Rosemary is in West Virginia where her mother is very ill. I am hoping that Julie feels ok since she had to come up to Champaign to see the doctor today. Then tomorrow night I am coaching at WILL. I coached last night for an hour but this will be the Britcom vote and should be really hectic.

On Sunday Peter is going to St. Louis to a stamp show and I am ushering another Shakespeare thing at Krannert. This seems to be the Shakespeare season since I saw an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet a few weeks ago. Then everything just rushes toward the trip to Morocco. With Leonore's death and our being gone for 18 days, I am sure this will be a very difficult time for Isolde. Fortunately Cheli, our cat sitter, seems to be very good with her.

When we come back, I hope the weather is finally better so that I can start riding my bike. We had snow overnight although it is sunny now. I was kind of hoping for really bad weather since this is "Unofficial St. Patrick's Day," and bad weather would have kept people from pouring into town and might have kept down the bar hopping. Nothing like two days of drunken students and their out-of-town friends reeling around campus. It has been quiet in Lincoln Hall but there is a lot of campus security around. Some of us would really like to see this "holiday," promoted by the bar owners, disappear.

Well, almost time to pack up and leave. I tried some of the brain games on the Nintendo DS and I am not all that good at them. So I guess I do need to work on my brain skills. I am much slower than I used to be.

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