Saturday, March 01, 2008

First Day Without Her

Today I woke up at home for the first time in eleven years without Leonore jumping up and down on me. Isolde got me up in time for Weight Watchers. She doesn't have the urgency that Leonore did and she is still picking at her food.

I didn't lose this week but I didn't gain either. So my nonpaying continues. After this I need to go to Lincoln Hall and pick up the cord for my computer since I left it there yesterday and I didn't want to go back to campus with all the drunken students around.

Henry IV, Part I was well-done but we didn't see that casting all women made any difference. However, the stylized staging and the performance by the actress who played Falstaff were outstanding. It was a shame that the audience was so small. And I think that people may have left at intermission. For a Shakespeare history play, there should have been more background in the program. People may have been confused about who the characters were and what was happening and why.

Now I need to drink my 32oz. of water.

UPDATE: I picked up my computer cord. It was pretty quiet on campus. I saw some students out but I would guess that a lot of them are sleeping off their binges.

At 11 I am meeting Julie for lunch at Biaggi's. The big news is that the Great Impasta in downtown Champaign is closing to become yet another bank. I can't believe we need all these banks. We do need to keep good restaurants.

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