Sunday, February 24, 2008

Watching the Screen

We saw "Persepolis" this afternoon. It was really good and deserves to win at the Oscars but no one thinks that it has a chance. Presumably "Ratatouille," which was also good but not in the same class, will be the victor. Hard to believe that we have seen two films in the animated feature category.

Then I watched the end of the Tour of California. It was great. Hincapie won the stage, Leipheimer took first and Slipstream's Millar and Vande Velde took second and third. So everything worked out well for this fan.

I also cobbled together some stuff on Markham. Now I just have to print it out for tomorrow and bring up the film 90° South to show. I may print off a picture of Markham for the class to pass around.

Tomorrow will be busy--shoes for Peter after I go to the gym. Then we have lunch, I go off to teach, Peter eventually goes to the gym, and then I have a meeting in the evening. In fact, the run up to the trip is almost impossibly busy for me. Not much time to think about things but not much time to get ready either.

So, do I watch the Oscars tonight or just read? Or just have the tv as background noise. The problem with watching the Oscars is that they go on too long and I will want to be in bed before many of the main awards happen. After all, I need to get to the gym for cycling. If I can't be on my bike, I can at least be on a stationary one for a while.

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