Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Haven't Posted in Months

How time flies when life catches up to you. And since Leonore's death,
life has done nothing else.

I haven't really watched any racing except for the last week of the
Tour. The road race and time trial for the Olympics really were not on
at the right time. I didn't try to watch while we were in Venice,
although we got to watch a bit at the train station in Mantua. The
picture was bad, as was the sound. But there you have it.

Venice was wonderful. I enjoyed just being there and the institute was
really interesting. We met lots of great people and I finally got my
cartoon version of the historical paintings from San Giovanni
Evangelista that are now in the Accademia. I also found out (thank you
Marina Karem) that the book I needed on the subject was Patricia
Fortini Brown's book. I am now addicted to spritz, aranciata, and
pining for macchiati, good chocolate brioches, and gelato every few
steps away. Even with the bad exchange rate and high prices, I loved
being there.

I got interested in coffered ceilings and Lisa Pon, Lisa Calevi, and
Dana Katz all pointed me toward Juergen Schulz. I have spent more on
books than I had in quite a while. More than I would care to say. So I
have two possible research projects in mind, ceilings and fondaci. I
have ordered a book on the latter but it is coming from Italy and
won't be here until October.

I now have had more exposure to things Jewish than in most of my life
so far. It has made me more understanding but no more religious.

Bike riding has not been big this year although I bought a Dahon Mu
P24, which I like very much. I have only done about 700 miles.

At the moment the plans are to sing in the Parkland Chorus, usher at
Krannert, go to a bunch of stuff (we got a lot of tickets), take
Italian, and do all the other usual things including strength training
with Lori. Oh, and watch the Vuelta.

However, everything will depend in what happens with Peter's prostate
cancer treatment and Isolde's chronic leukemia. The former is
obviously much more important than the latter. I wish the pathology
was better and we still haven't got a prognosis. Peter has more tests
coming up and more doctors' appointments as well as a consultation at
Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. So we are taking things a day or
week at a time.

We are grateful for friends and family, even though many are only
available via e-mail.

I will try to post more often, especially as I work on my new website.

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