Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thinking about Writing

Today I found another interesting article in The New York Times that I will keep in my writing file. I also think I may read some letter collections--the new one of Graham Greene's letters and the recent edition of Noel Coward's letters seem appealing. I also want to read some Clive James.

I woke up feeling awful but I have improved as has the weather. The dampness along with the cold seems to really affect my sinuses. Having wine with dinner last night was stupid under the circumstances.

We are going to see "A Christmas Tale" at the Art. Otherwise my day should be devoted, I hope, to writing up my soup recipes, writing to my friends, and starting to pack for the trip. I cleaned a lot of stuff out of the refrigerator this morning and was lucky to be able to download 13 free books from the Sony e-bookstore. It is too bad that Sony has not developed Mac software for their reader. I have to do all that on Peter's computer.

Peter sees Dr. Helfer this afternoon. I hope he can get all his questions answered.

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