Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Try Again

Obviously posting from my phone has one drawback. There is no draft function in this app so I just lost an entire post when my phone rang. What a bummer. The good thing is that we will be getting a new refrigerator for nothing. I was going to have ours scrubbed out and now we don't have to bother. It will be tight fit but it should work. Then we will have to decide whether or not we want to have the water/ice function connected.

I spent the morning playing with Google Sites now that Pages is going away. I like the fact that it shows up nicely on the iPhone. But it is less creative and harder to use. I don't need the collaborative functionality so I am sorry to see Pages go away, especially since my new address cards arrived and have the Pages URL. I can't really call them business cards when I don't work and visiting cards don't really exist anymore. I guess information cards might work.

With all the changes I don't plan to do anything new with Pages and I still need to transfer my netfiles pages, presumably to Sites eventually along with the rest of the Pages site. This is obviously a project for the new year.

The second volume of the Gwent County History arrived today. I don't need volume 1 or the succeeding volumes but this one covers the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries (along with earlier periods). Now I am just waiting for Robert Finley's book on Venetian politics. I haven't heard anything from the vendor.

Waiting for Peter to get home from the doctor ... He's home with some new medications to try. The news is that essentially while he is on the lupron the PSA number will probably be meaningless and it may be meaningless afterward if it doesn't go up since he had a low PSA before. If it goes up, then he knows the cancer is active. Otherwise bone scans and generally the way he feels will probably be all the doctors will be able to go on. So, nothing new there.

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