Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tuesday with a Headache

Woke up with a headache and nausea and lots of aches so I had to cancel my personal training session. Now it is evening and I still have the headache and some nausea. The rainy day seems to have done me in. I still kept busy since the Truman Scholarship Committee met to interview the candidates. Then I ended up at the History Department to see Tom about the Study Abroad Scholarship Fund and ran into Peter Fritzsche who wanted to know about selling some of his books and ended up talking to Max Edelson, who got a research grant to go to London (I shouldn't be envious but I am).

The big news today was the arrest and indictment of our governor. The story will probably go on and on but he has been accused of trying to benefit financially from the appointment of a new senator to replace President-elect Obama. I doubt that most people in Illinois were surprised at the arrest, but I would guess most of us were surprised at the reason. Anyway, we will probably have to continue following it while we are on the cruise. I can't imagine he will resign and may end up impeached.

I got home to an offer of a new refrigerator. Evidently our old one is perfect for research by the company and they will replace it free of charge. It should just, barely, fit in our kitchen.

Now we have to be off for the Prairie Cycle Club holiday dinner at The Great Impasta. They are closing this month so this will be one of the last events at the restaurant. I hope to talk to Rich about GITAP plans although we might all spend our time talking about club elections, bylaw changes, and the governor.

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