Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Classes Started Today

It didn't feel like fall. I didn't buy books, notebooks, pens and pencils. But I did start new classes. The OLLI semester has begun. Although the classes are only once a week for eight weeks, it is still kind of like going back to school. Not having the usual school materials made it a little awkward but, since there are no requirements and no grades, it wasn't too bad.

My first class was on archaeology and artifacts. While much of the initial explanation was familiar, the objects and the scientific material were new to me. I think it will be very interesting. I also want to talk with Sarah about mystery writing.

The second class is on memoir writing but it is really about any kind of writing and the instructor actually provided us with notebooks. I hope that the class will get me writing again.

In the meantime I need to think about reading, knitting, and other things I want to pursue. And I need to make some bread dough. I also want to call Parkland about doing some teaching and I have to work on my OLLI lecture. So I still have a rather full plate.

We had snow today. I hope we don't end up with so much that I can't get to the gym. I really need the exercise and I am supposed to see Lori tomorrow to get the strength training going again.

Figaro just emerged from behind the couch. He really likes the heating vents.

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