Sunday, January 25, 2009

Never Left the House

Sad but true, except for going out to get the paper this morning, I never left the house. Oh, I thought about it. But I never got around to it.

It is true that we had snow. But even that was no excuse. Peter did shovel. That gave him some exercise. But I only exercised my fingers by using the computer and my phone.

I find that using the Facebook app on the iPhone allows me to take pictures like the one above and post them immediately. I took a picture of Figaro and Sybil together too. It turned out pretty well. Anyway, this is getting way too addicting.

Even the cats have Facebook pages now in an app called Catbook. If I want, I can give their status too.

Anyway, tomorrow I will be out pretty much all day. I am determined to get back into a gym routine and Leslie is coming so we need to be out of the house for five hours. We decided that tomorrow will be our lunch date. And I have an appointment with Bette at 5:45. And then the snow is supposed to start up again. Not that it has really stopped.

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