Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cold and Snowy Sunday

It is Sunday afternoon. I haven't been out of the house. But Figaro has lost his collar and we will have to buy him a new one. Of course it will turn up as soon as we have accomplished our mission. But no matter. It will get me out of the house.

We have had sporadic snow showers today but not much accumulation. It looks cold and unfriendly out there. Peter is at the gym but should be home soon. Then it is off to Petsmart.

Greg and Dixie were here last night for dinner. We has a nice evening and they brought some great cat toys. The laser mouse has been a real winner. The Italian Potato and Rice Soup worked out well. I thought the lamb chops were slightly too done, but I like them quite rare so I may have been the only one to feel that way.

With the current weather, two more episodes of "War and Peace" will be an appropriate way to end the day.

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