Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yet Another New Venture

Today I made a foray into the world of social networking. Yes, I am now on MySpace. The point was to become a friend of the Richard III Society. But to do that I needed to create my own profile. I can't promise I will do much with it, but I posted some pictures and added some information. I requested a few friends, although it looks like most of the very few people from my address book who are on there have actually done much with it.

When I went out this morning, I thought that everything was wet from rain. But it turned out that it was actually ice. I put my Yak Trax on my shoes, which worked very well. But the car slid down Willis and I couldn't stop at Prospect. I was lucky that there were no cars coming and that I was able to make the turn and stop at the light at Prospect and Springfield.

I had hoped to go to the opera today at the Savoy but with company coming for dinner and the sinus headache that I have had all morning, I think I will stay home and make the soup for dinner and stuff like that.

Last night the couch potatoes went to Pashas for dinner. I couldn't believe the poor service, the fact that they didn't have the stuffed eggplant (the manti was ok but not too exciting), and that we were at a table that was by the window so that I was cold for the whole time. We were a big group, 8 of us, and I ended up mostly talking to Sue because she was the closest to me. At least I now have some more information on the XP version to get for my Mac.

We have reservations to go to Phoenix in April. I am now working on the summer trip. We may go to Bruges for the exhibit, then do a barge/bike from Mantova to Venice, then do intensive Italian for two weeks. I am hoping to get some more information so that this week I can try to schedule most of that and sign up for GITAP. Now I need to find out if anyone wants to do Bike the Drive in May.

I took some more pictures of Sybil and Figaro.

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