Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Elusive Figaro

I didn't have to go in for jury duty today so I got to help Peter try to put Figaro into his carrier for his vet appointment. Unfortunately, we were not successful. We now have an appointment for next week. This time we will try to lure him into the bathroom and close the door so he has nowhere to run. I started out the morning by going to cycling class, so I really didn't need the extra cardio workout. Peter said that Figaro was not much in evidence after he got home later but evidently I have been forgiven. Figaro has been hanging around me and let me put his collar back on. It had come off during the chase.

After we gave up I went to the Illinois Radio Reader. It had seemed a long time since I had been there. I did the first half of the Decatur Herald and Review and then the first installment of The Secret Book of Grazia dei Rossi. This will be a much longer project than my other book readings.

Since Leslie was coming to clean, I then met Peter at the Champaign Public Library. He had had a call from Mark about going to Phoenix. So we talked about that for a while, then went to Saigon for lunch. Then we went back to the library. I called Mark and we agreed that April 3-6 would work well so I made the plane reservations online. Peter will now change our tickets for "The Three Sisters" at Krannert.

Then I walked over to Zarina's house from the library. We had tea and then went to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." It was good but too long and really dragged in parts, although the technical aspects were really impressive. I now need to read the short story, which should take less time than the almost three-hour movie.

Peter had his first appointment with Dr. Ikram and liked him. It is important for him to get along with his different doctors and having an oncologist that he feels comfortable with is a good thing. Now he is at the Prostate Cancer information program. They are supposed to hear about things like hormone therapy tonight, which should be a good follow up to his appointment.

I have been trying out a new brand of gelato from Schnucks. I didn't much like the white chocolate raspberry but the dark chocolate is really good. I've had the radio on since I got home and I have been bombarded by Beethoven.

Jury duty is now officially over and Peter will return my juror's badge tomorrow when he goes off to change the Krannert tickets. It's nice to have a husband who is occasionally really thoughtful.

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