Saturday, January 24, 2009

Too Cold to Ride, Not too Cold to Eat

I overslept again and didn't make it to Weight Watchers or cycling class. I spent the morning reading the paper and doing computer stuff.

At noon I realized that I needed to start the soup for the Darwin Ride pot luck. I had just created the PCC page on Facebook and put the Darwin Ride in as an event. So I rushed to cut up veggies, sausage, etc. and put it into beef broth with Moroccan spices. The soup was good but spicy. So the leftovers have a hefty addition of rice to make it milder for Peter. But I was happy with the results of the experiment.

Only Sue rode (to Anne and Nancy's house) and we were a small group but it was a nice gathering. Bob made his venison chili and Nancy and Anne made corn chowder. Rich made oatmeal raisin cookies. Unfortunately Anne had to work.

Tonight is GravitaciĆ³n. I hope Peter feels well enough to go. He has been really tired lately. He did talk to his cousin Sandra, so he is starting to get in touch with his family again.

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