Friday, January 23, 2009

The Weather Changes Again

As the day has gone on, the skies have gotten cloudier and the temperatures have fallen. It may be 27 but it feels much colder.

This morning I was comfortable in slacks and a turtleneck. After lunch with Rosalie at Sunsinger and a trip to the grocery store, I came home and added tights and a sweater and I am still cold. Keeping my feet warm is definitely a challenge.

Peter has gone off to the gym and tonight is the couch potato dinner, this time at El Toro at their new place in Champaign. Maybe eating spicy Mexican food will warm me up assuming I go. Peter is planning to stay home. Well, we went. Only Sue was there. I had flautas, not exactly warming.

Last night we watched the final four episodes of "War and Peace. ". It has held up pretty well. Anthony Hopkins does not, however, emulate Pierre and keep getting larger. Today a production would probably use special costuming to make that happen. Like Tolstoy, the epilogue is not explicit about the future Decembrist uprising. You have to know some Russian history to get it. But I don't suppose it really matters. Certainly I can imagine someone watching this version and not feeling the need to read the book. I want to read the new translation and see if it is that different from the earlier ones. Having to read in translation means losing so many nuances.

Tomorrow I have a lot of choices. There is a training session for people interested in volunteering for the Humane Society. There is the Met Opera broadcast at the Savoy if we want to see "Orfeo." Peter doesn't seem too excited, although Stephanie Blythe is supposed to be amazing. On the other hand, we are not huge fans of Gluck. There is also the Darwin Ride, or just the potluck, at Anne and Nancy's house if we want to do that. Tomorrow night is GravitaciĆ³n at the Episcopal Chapel on campus. Definite yes there.

We have given in and reset the thermostat. But even at 68 F, my feet are cold.

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