Friday, February 06, 2009

Breathe Right?

Today I got up at 4 am. Peter was having some trouble sleeping and I was having more trouble breathing. So I gave up and got up. The cats were happy, although I refused to feel them that early. That meant there was some sulking. However, the main thing I did was finally make myself use the whole saline sinus rinse rather than just using the spray. And I think it may have helped. I had sushi for lunch and the wasabi tasted hot and the ginger tasted like pickled ginger. Of course that meant the fish didn't taste like much, but that's what happens with sushi.

I guess this will have to be the game plan for a while. I will use the rinse a couple of times a day. I am still running the humidifier. Last night Peter got a great shot of Figaro and his new preoccupation.

I hope this doesn't need to be a year-round toy. Actually, they have another toy that seems to be very popular. It is a felt spider. They don't seem to mind that it doesn't have that creepy, furry texture. This morning Peter found it upstairs. Now it is back in the living room, as are Sybil and Figaro, although neither is playing at the moment.

Yesterday I bought the tickets for the trip to Philadelphia. Now it looks as if I will be going to Las Vegas in mid-October for the Richard III Society AGM to give my "Reinvention of Richard III" presentation. I don't like Las Vegas but it could be fun with Ricardians rather than my only other trip, which was an advising conference. Couldn't wait to leave that time.

Tonight is the Illinois Club Murder Mystery Dinner. Although we are supposed to dress up for the 1920s, I think that we will just wear nice clothes. I can always wear a string of pearls to make a small gesture in the direction of authenticity. I can't remember the last time I was at the Champaign Country Club. I hope Peter doesn't find it too awful. It really isn't his cup of tea.

The sun is out, the sky is blue, and the temperature is almost 40. We may find that the snow has disappeared by the end of the weekend. Especially if it rains tomorrow. We will be watching "Lucia di Lammermoor" live from the Met, so let it rain. I hope all my friends doing the Illini Not-So-Chill can stay dry and warm. This would be a good year for me to go out but the sinuses and the opera are too much of a deterrent.

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