Monday, February 09, 2009

Mostly Cloudy, Windy and Warmer

Just heard my title as the weather forecast on WILL-FM. They are having a one-day fund drive for the radio stations after a special tv drive that ends tonight, more or less, with their new documentary on Lincoln. The Lincoln program has been picked up by stations all over the country.

My sinuses have not improved and I still feel crummy. This is really starting to affect my gym time and my desire to get on my bike, even though we have had a couple of beautiful days. I did have other, indoor things, to do this weekend since we went to see "Lucia" on Saturday and I coached all day yesterday. Picking up almost 10 hours of coaching in one day is probably not something to repeat. I was really exhausted by the time I got home.

I did start a new group on Facebook, although I don't expect many members or much activity. I wanted to show my love of gelato so I started the Friso and Paolin group. I thought about making it a page for fans instead but since they are both companies, I felt that wasn't really the way to go. I also finally subscribed to the full edition of VeniceWord so I can keep reading the stories in Buongiorno Venezia.

The really weird thing was that I joined a Glenbrook South Facebook group. I still don't know why, considering how I felt about high school. Peter asked me why and I couldn't say. Maybe having to write about being sixteen brought so much back that I just felt I needed to acknowledge it, just like acknowledging that I am Jewish, even if I don't practice. I guess in a way I am like Disraeli, who promoted the idea of cultural Judaism as opposed to Judaism as a religion. It probably was a bad idea, but it has certainly stuck around.

Today I joined the Astana "Ride for Livestrong" campaign and chose Jose Luis Rubiera as my rider for the season in honor of Peter. There are so many people I know that are cancer survivors but Peter is the most important to me, obviously. I also joined some Facebook groups focused on Paris-Roubiax. For me, the groups are much like being the fan of a page. I don't really participate. I have found that I just don't make the time for discussion groups and I don't have that much to say. The little there is seems to appear here.

I haven't gotten back to my writing so I need to do that before tomorrow afternoon. I am having lunch with Ruth and Barbara. Since we are going to Houlihan's, I told Peter he needs to pick somewhere else for tomorrow. I am having lunch out every day this week so I need to think about all that soup I have in the refrigerator. I may need to start eating soup at night.

Now I have to decide whether I want to post any of my academic stuff on the blog site. I am disinclined, even though I know others who do. For one thing, I don't really write about my research ideas, etc. here. I do have a link to my website. At the moment I have three websites that need to be consolidated into one thing. Yet another project.

My feelings about politics right now are very pessimistic. I am getting to the point where listening to and reading the news is getting just as hard as it was before the election.

I wish I could set a goal to enjoy life more but I am just not a relaxed person. I would love to just let go for a change. I had hoped I might do some of that when we went to the Mystery Dinner on Friday since mysteries are one of my things. But it didn't happen. And lately I cry even more easily than usual. I suppose I could just blame menopause. But I really need to get over this--and start planning my novel.

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