Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Darwin and Lincoln

I remember when we actually celebrated Lincoln's birthday on his birthday. We got the day off from school. There was no Presidents' Day. We didn't celebrate Darwin, but we did learn about evolution. Now Lincoln is being celebrated again (although not with a national or a state holiday) and Darwin is being contested. A lot can happen in 200 years.

Thought today would be cold cold cold. Right now, at 4:39 it is still 48 F and sunny. So I can't really complain about wintry days in central Illinois at the moment. We are supposed to get somewhat colder weather and maybe some snow down the line, but it is still February.

I can't believe that it is already late in the day and I haven't done much. Our car got scraped and there is enough paint off that it will have to be fixed. I am hoping we can get it in for an estimate fairly quickly and get the work done. The driver was nice enough to leave contact and insurance information. Not everyone does that. I read at the Illinois Radio Reader and it seemed as if it was all crimes and obituaries. There were a few other things, but not much. That took up my whole morning and my afternoon has been spent on the computer, with potato chips and gelato for lunch. The new cards came so I spent some time updating accounts. At this rate we will all be back to cash only. And then we will only have to worry about physical theft. I still need to read the New York Times.

I did yesterday's crossword and actually didn't have too much of a problem. For some reason I had more difficulty with Tuesday's puzzle. I have downloaded today's puzzle but I haven't even looked at it. Usually by Thursday I have very little luck at all. I will never be a champion puzzle solver.

Tonight Peter is going to the Prostate Cancer group meeting so I think I may watch "Marie Antoinette" on my own. I don't know that it is his kind of movie. I am also looking forward to Saturday and the start of the Tour of California.

I did update my to-do list and actually got a few things done. But now we will have to add the car, getting my bike checked out for the new riding season along with a bike fitting to make sure everything is still ok, and perhaps a few other things. I would like to start on the house stuff like the plumbing and electrical projects but I guess we still need to wait and see how much the piano comes to and whether we can pay our taxes out of the regular account rather than savings.

My Brikka is in the final stage before shipping, so I am excited about that. I just hope I can figure it out and get real crema on my espresso.

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