Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sunshine on the Snow

It is afternoon. Peter has gone to the gym. I should be reading Phaethon's Children but I have been doing other things instead. I finally ordered tickets for the Prairie Ensemble Valentine's Day concert. I started the Wednesday NYT crossword although, as usual, it is not going as well as Monday and Tuesday. I did more Facebook stuff. And now I am blogging. Not a particularly productive day.

Tonight I am coaching at WILL for the tv drive. A friend called about lunch next week and I am waiting for another to email back although I am running out of days for next week. Funny, last week was all lunches out, this week is mostly quiet and next week is busy again.

There is an outfit for me to pick up at Champaign Surplus. Of course I am still having breathing issues.

Writing class was interesting yesterday. Now I have to rewrite my painful two-page memory in three pages. Marva has promised I don't have to relive being sixteen for the entire eight weeks. I will try to make this version more descriptive and less involved with the dry, factual stuff. I'm not sue that the emotion I felt while writing came through on the page. We also have a short essay to read and have comments and/or questions ready for our next class. It is slightly strange to be a student again. But I may as well get used to it if I am taking intensive Italian this summer.

It will warm up by the end of the week but I think I want to go to the opera rather than the Illini Chill.

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