Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eggs Have Taken Over; When Will It End?

When I was younger, I loved to play games, especially board games and card games. I was ok at Monopoly, good at Scrabble and Cribbage, and liked Hearts, Gin, Mille Bornes and so on. When Trivial Pursuit came along later, I was great except for categories like sports. But my husband didn't like to play Scrabble with me because I would get mad when he "took" my spaces. But we did have friends over for dinner and evenings of board games. And then all that ended. I still did crosswords and I still do and in the computer age I had a long spell of playing a version of Mille Bornes and Solitaire.

Lately I have been addicted to a game called Hatchlings, which is played on Facebook. You collect eggs. I guess a lot of people play against each other or with each other or something. I just collect eggs. I have a lot of them by my standards but I am a piker by the standards of the master players who have really vast numbers of eggs and special eggs. The game is supposed to end on April 12. I am glad that it has an end date because it is interfering with my having an actual life. Not that I don't do anything else. I see doctors, have tests, go to the gym occasionally but not enough, do a little writing, went to my OLLI classes (now over), even rode my bike a bit on some nicer days. But I am playing Hatchlings as I write this and that is addiction. Cheap and painless, but addiction nonetheless and it says something about my personality that I don't like. So when April 12 comes along and this round of Hatchlings ends, I will breathe a sigh of relief, and I will delete it from my applications.

By that time I may have found some other addiction. If so, I hope it is just as harmless. In any case, I really want to get back to doing other things than looking around for eggs, too many of which look like oval Cornishware.

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