Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's Not Foggy Any More, But I'll Still Take London

My training was in English history. Some of my earliest reading was Agatha Christie. For years I harbored a not-so-secret desire to be English.

Although I would be tempted by Venice, because I love everything about it, London would definitely be my choice of retirement city. I would be able to walk most places and there is great public transportation. Riding a bike there would be a challenge but if Alan Bennett can do it, so could I. The theater and music venues are wonderful. The history is all around and for an historian that has to be a draw. I could work at the British Library and the National Archives. Getting around the country by train and bus is so much easier than in the U.S. and the access to the continent and the rest of the world would be simpler than from here. And, except for the differences between British English and American English, I do speak the language. As Dr. Johnson said, "When a man gets tired of London, he gets tired of life." Although I haven't made it back since 2000, I miss it and I am not tired either of London or of life. I just wish I could afford it!

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