Monday, March 16, 2009

Preoccupations with Eggs, Plinky, and a New Blog

Even though blog posts have been showing up here, they are not really my normal type of postings. Nothing about my great cycle ride on Saturday or about my cats and their cute poses and not so cute demands at 4 am or my experiences with my new CPAP machine. Just some entries from Plinky, which is a fun writing-prompt web site, but not the same thing as actually writing about my life.

One problem is I've gotten sucked into playing Hatchlings on Facebook. It takes all kinds of time when I could be doing other stuff. I do other stuff at the same time but reading and knitting and cycling don't work with it. Posting New York Times stories on Facebook kind of does as does some writing but then I am not playing very fast. Not that it matters since there isn't anything for me to win. So why do I care? It is acquisition addiction. At least it is free, unlike some of my other ones. After all, how many cycling jerseys does a girl need?

The ride on Saturday to St. Joe was great, although cold. We ate at El Toro, then rode back to Meadowbrook. I Facebook and Twittered it. And now it is officially in the blog--23 miles. And I got my 1592 egg while I was writing this. Addiction.

I wrote six-word memoirs for class but Peter thought of great ones for composers (dead, famous ones) when we had breakfast at the Original Pancake House yesterday. I need to get him to write them down. Maybe a Facebook note since he doesn't have a blog. We had a meeting at Sue's yesterday and I tried Sam Adams Scotch Ale but it just doesn't compare to real British stuff or the Belgians I have been drinking.

Aswat, the concert at Krannert last night, was not what I expected but it was great anyway. Who knew that movie music from the Arab world from the '30s through the '50s could be so good. The performers were wonderful. I just wish I understood Arabic.

The CPAP experience is mixed. I think I am sleeping better. I have a sore under my nose. Sometimes I have more trouble putting it on than others. But it has only been a week and it should get better although Peter tells me the sores will come and go forever.

This afternoon I wrote my obituary, which was another class assignment. I also got the first real posting up on my Voyages through Time blog. Tonight I am coaching at WILL. In fact I have something every night this week. Not the best scenario in the world.

Gotta chase a few more eggs.

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