Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Monks Now Available

Monks now available for home or office installation.

I thought this offer on the Scriptorium website was a really clever way to celebrate April Fool's Day, the Middle Ages, and the dying arts of handwriting and calligraphy at the same time. For a medievalist, it was perfect. To see it, go to

For a non-internet prank, I have to go with a friend's e-mail resignation as president of our local bike advocacy organization, which I will present here.

I have become resigned to the fact that there will never be enough progress in the area of bicycle infrastructure development in Champaign County. Therefore I have joined the Peace Corps and am leaving for Tanzania, Africa today (4/1/09) at noon to lead a program involved in building a paved bike path around Lake Tanganyika. Following that I will make the same project around Lake Titicaca with my new assistant Sparrow ( I have hired a crew ( to assist me on these endeavors. Please wish me luck!

Enjoy! Happy April Fools Day.

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